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Why Invest

Great Southern Copper is a mineral exploration company targeting large scale porphyry copper-gold deposits in Chile. The Company is strategically positioned to support the global market for copper, a key metal in the clean energy transition around the world.

  • GSC has rights to two 100% owned projects (San Lorenzo and Especularita) in Chile, a globally significant mining jurisdiction and the world's largest copper producer
  • Projects give opportunity to take advantage of the supply deficit in the copper sector accentuated by the drive towards more sustainable and efficient sources of energy
  • Experienced executive management with strong discovery record and extensive experience of exploring for copper and gold deposits
  • Strong near and long-term market drivers for Copper and Gold


  • COPPER is powering the clean energy transition
    • Electric vehicles (up to 4x more copper compared to internal combustion engine)
    • Solar panels, wind turbines, hydro and thermal energy
    • Electrical wiring and high-speed telecommunication devices
  • Infrastructure spend (driven by Chinese market and US$1 trillion infrastructure bill)
  • Widening supply imbalance - lack of investment in new discoveries over the last decade has lowered copper production at a time when it needs to ramp up significantly
  • “Copper is the new oil” - projected to reach $15,000 by 2025 (Goldman Sachs, May 2021)
  • GOLD is in a structural bull market
    • Unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus around the world
    • Ultra-low interest rates
    • New discoveries not keeping pace with the depletion of existing reserves globally


  • Lithium plays a vital role in green technologies, for instance EV’s, lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems
  • Global demand for Li-ion batteries is expected to sore over the next decade, driven largely by EV adoption
  • Current levels of supply are insufficient to meet this demand and without action, 1,640,000 tons more refined lithium will be needed than can currently be supplied

CHILE: operating in a globally significant mining jurisdiction

  • Largest producer and exporter of copper and second largest producer of lithium
  • Seven of the world's top 15 copper mines are located in Chile
  • Largest reserves of copper and lithium and 4th largest for gold
  • Mining accounts for 53% of Chile's exports (9% GDP)*
  • Stable political environment and experienced workforce
*2018 data: Consejo Minero Annual Report 2018  
Leading Copper Mines in Chile in 2020