Who we are

Great Southern Copper plc (LSE:GSCU) is a UK-listed copper-gold and lithium exploration company that aims to generate shareholder value through successful exploration and discovery of large-scale porphyry copper-gold deposits and lithium deposits from its projects  in  northern Chile.

Since 2017 exploration by GSC has identified outcropping evidence of porphyry Cu-Au mineralisation at its two key projects; San Lorenzo located 50km northeast of the coastal city of La Serena, and Especularita located 250km north of the national capital, Santiago. Then, in September 2023, the Company added a third project to its Portfolio, The Monti-Lithium project, located in the Salar de Atacama, Chile’s premium lithium producing region.



Information on how the company creates value

Great Southern Copper's (GSC) exploration strategy is to target the coastal metallogenic belt for high quality, early-stage assets within easy access to infrastructure and services

The company has investigated the region extensively since 2016 and has identified three key projects that satisfy its investment and strategic criteria. Both San Lorenzo located 50 km northeast of the coastal town of La Serena, and Especularita located 250 km north of the national capital, Santiago are excellently positioned. Both projects are within the Coquimbo Region (Region IV) at low elevations and less than 50km distant from the coast.

The Monti Lithium Project is similarly well located within the pre-Andean region of Salar de Atacama which is Chile's premier lithium-producing region with well-established lithium mining operations and infrastructure.

Our market - Why copper-gold and lithium and Chile

Copper is expected to be fundamental in powering the worlds green energy transition which is creating a supply imbalance in the red metal due to the lack of new discoveries and exploration investment over the last decade. Lithium is similarly vital in driving forward a green energy future, especially in energy storage and EV’s, with demand consequently fast outstripping supply.

Chile is the world's largest producer and exporter of copper and the second-largest producer of lithium globally, making Chile a globally significant jurisdiction for mining


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